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Fast. Flexible. Inexpensive.

No contract period!

Next Level Incentive Tool Kit

16 ready-to-go incentive programmes, coming as ready-made websites. Simply configure them according to your needs, and off you go.

Fast. Flexible. Inexpensive.

No contract period!

Incentive Apps ready-to-go

Set your sights on your target. Choose the right incentive for your goals: Sales growth, goal achievement or new business win-overs ...

Fast. Flexible. Inexpensive.

No contract period!

Inspiring Performance

Give your salesforce a swift kick in the pants (but friendly): with the right incentive. In our tool kit, you’ll find 16 different incentive apps as ready-to-go websites.

The tool kit for your incentive

More sales, more customers & more motivation for your staff

Here you’ll find the right incentive to suit your goals. All product apps in the Incentive Arena are ready-to-go, fully programmed websites, so you can use them right away. Your benefit: You can start your incentive fast, at a very affordable price, and very effectively.
All products are based on years of experience in implementing incentive campaigns for our clients from a wide variety of industries. This comprises exciting sales contests with rankings, animating bonus programmes with reward shops, club programmes for the sales elite, incentive travel to all corners of the world, and inspiring team trophies. The Incentive Arena is a product of the agency Buben & Mädchen GmbH, Germany.

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Configuring each incentive app is a cinch

With the Incentive Arena, we have launched a revolution in the incentive market! We have packed a total of 16 incentive systems into ready-to-go product apps. Your benefit: You can choose from a tool kit and select a product that perfectly fits your goal. Then you simply configure the completely programmed website with just a few clicks, and within a few days you’re ready to roll! Fast, at a very affordable price, and most of all: very effectively.

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Buben & Mädchen

Agency for Sales Performance

We are Germany’s specialist for highly effective bonus programmes, sales contests, incentives, and reward shops. These we develop individually, customized for every client. Our credo: We motivate people to perform better. We provide inspiration via sophisticated methods and activating communication.

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